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Cops are the new highwaymen


                                                                                                              Abolish Your Local Police Seven cops for one kid, seems reasonable doesn’t it?  After all the “criminal” must have been doing something wrong if the cops stopped him in the first place right?  It has been argued that there was a time in this…

Tyranny Never Sleeps… It Only Rests Its Eyes


Imagine being a rancher and having a pack of predators attacking your livestock. These predators pose a grave danger to your livelihood and the safety of your family. You have a few options as to how to deal with this ravenous pack. You can remain…

Mass Shootings, Random Victims, And Domestic Terrorism… Oh My!


The calm of the early morning was broken by the sound of gunfire. As the echo dissipated, the ground was littered with spent shell casings, a pickup truck was adorned with bullet holes, and a 71 year old woman was shot twice in the back….

How Did This Happen?


Many times growing up, I heard the folks older than me say that things were never like this when they were younger. And in typical fashion, my generation is echoing the sentiment that was echoed by the previous generations. I have turned into my father…

Random Thoughts, Unanswered Questions


Does the use of violence and theft become moral if it is called an enumerated power? If private businesses imposed their business contracts on people in the same manner that the social contract is imposed, would supporters of the social contract be outraged? If the congress only has…

Amateur Guide to Avoiding Vehicle Searches


I’ve had far too many police encounters in my short time on this planet (haven’t we all?), but I’ve also been really lucky. These are real situations, and I’ll share what I learned from them, but the following tips are in no way intended to serve…

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