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Miss Sloane, an overly detailed analysis.


  Last year a movie came out that was either a poorly thought out piece of antigun propaganda or a film that badly misjudged or mistimed the cultural zeitgeist. In either case people just didn’t go see it. From a thirteen million dollar budget it…

Gun Bloggers rendezvous XI, observations on competition


The first part of September is usually a busy time for me. This year was no exception. Busy but fun excepting an ongoing legal issue which threatens both my finances and my very sanity. I attended the eleventh annual Gun Bloggers Rendezvous and the fifty…

Chapter 18. Different worlds, in can form.


Later that day I escorted Sasha to the Auxiliary Fleets primary base. While the various national and corporate fleets had made themselves comfortable in various parts of the main launch facility the AF made their home in a commandeered stadium clear on the other side…

Sig 220 Elite in 10MM. What dreams are made of.


Let me get one thing out of the way first. I am a big fan of the 10MM Auto pistol cartridge! As far as I am concerned it is the pinnacle of autopistol cartridge design. One of my early attempts at a novel had entirely…

Chapter Two. Big Blue.


“I am at Havana airport, I came down here to do a show. There’s corpses all over the place, I think I am going to puke. Please, I don’t know what’s happening but I need your help, you need to get down here with everything…

Zastava PAP Pistol Part Three, Final Form?


I flew too close to the sun on wings of pastrami. George Constanza When we left off in part three I was pretty satisfied with my weapon. But I am not the type to allow things to remain at the level of satisfied. I go…

Requiem for the bank robber.


“Why do you rob banks?” “because that’s where the money is.” Attributed to Willy Sutton. Have you noticed that there appears to be fewer incidents of bank robbery nowadays? Violent crime has been following a general downward trend in the United States since the 1980s….

My rather eventful early September.


For various reasons the first part of the month of September is usually an extremely eventful time for me. Last year I brought you coverage of the Americas Cup yacht races, various shooting events and the Reno air races. Well, this September wasn’t quite that…

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