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Jeremy’s First Feens’ Post – Freedom Feens Radio


(This is a WordPress test, not an actual Feens episode.  If this were a real Feens episode, your BipStrongs would have started vibrating already.) Jeremy and Michael discuss worms, WordPress, and murder dogs.  Michael schools Jeremy on how to WordPress right, and hilarity ensues.  We…

Jeremy’s first Feens post – Freedom Feens radio


Jeremy and Michael talk about worms. blagh blah blayh blah. THIS IS ONLY A WORD PRESS TEST, NOT A REAL EPISODE. The Freedom Feens Android App. A libertarian re-education camp in your pocket! Free! Please rate & review. Freedom Feens Donate links: PayPal: BTC:…

My first blog post and my first interview – wow!


MWD so graciously provided this forum for me to post my first interview ever – even though it’s with the same guy he’s interviewed in the past 🙂  I was recently at the Cryptolina Bitcoin Conference where I met Daniel Larimer, the founder of BitShares.  …

Electronic Frontier Foundation PSA for your podcast or radio show


By Michael W. Dean Co-Host, The Freedom Feens radio show, on Genesis Communications Network Article originally printed in Talkers magazine. The Electronic Frontier Foundation, or EFF, is a non-profit that has taken to the courts to fight the good fight in the digital world since…

Midwest Peace and Liberty Fest


It all started with a couple of people sitting around saying, “We should go camping this summer.” That was in the beginning of the year. Then the idea came about to turn this into a group event. An event was created on Facebook that brought together…

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