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French translation of a chapter of Michael Dean’s “A User’s Manual for the Human Experience.”


Got a very cool e-mail today. A guy named Jay, who lives on the border between France, Luxembourg and Belgium, told me he had translated chapter 3 of my libertarian self-help / time management book A User’s Manual for the Human Experience. (Someone also translated…

A Directory Of Liberty Podcasts


The mainstream media just doesn’t cater to the real liberty folks. For the most part, the only media that you can expect is the same old, warmed over statist talking points. Occasionally, the thought controllers are willing to throw us a bone and give us…

A Gun for Everyone (except the government)


I’ve had the concept for this song and the basic hook in my head for months. A couple of days after the Newtown Massacre I woke up and felt inspired to put this out into the world to respond to the gun controllers. Michael heard…

Shure BETA 57A Microphone review and audio example


I have GAS, a.k.a. gear acquisition syndrome. I am constantly in search of the perfect audio gear. I sacrifice on things most people spend a lot of money on so I can buy more gear. I don’t spend much on clothes, and my wife and…

Get the Freedom Feens Hip-Hop MP3s


By popular demand, here’s where to get the Feens Hop you so richly demand. –Get the Rich Black/DJ Conical/MC Lie-Barry (Silver Stax with Michael and Neema) hit “Obama’s Feet Stink”, on iTunes, HERE. –Get the NeemaV hit “I Own Me” (the song that Michael found…

This machine surrounds hate and forces it to surrender


Review of the kick-ass ASUS Essentio CM6870-US-2AA Desktop computer. ($750) I’ve owned about 20 computers since my first one in 1992. (A green-screen DOS-based OEI XT 8086 with 2 K of RAM and a five-MEG hard drive.) I’ve used every one to its fullest and…

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