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Chapter 28. The Glory of Light.


With the Sagaglog system secured I started to catch up with task force Alpha on their hunt for Admiral Buchloren. Intelligence on enemy assets was becoming ever more spotty. The clear evidence of crisp high definition color pictures. Radar scans and three dimensional topographical information…

Chapter 27. A World of Mud and Pain.


It took a few days to get word back to Earth that the toxic energy had been neutralized. Once it did Singer ships started filtering into our area of operations. I had personally invited them to the Ristavron system and once I got back I…

Chapter 25. Ambush.


So, there were still two jobs on the table. Find the Web-Way root and hunt down the remains of the Empires navy. Unfortunately the most likely locations of admiral Buchloren’s hideout were in the opposite direction from the four remaining systems that Harding believed might…

Chapter 14. Trample the weak, hurdle the walrus.


After initial contact with Earth and its allies armed forces had gone so disastrously for the Drankmastarian Empire they had pulled back into a defensive posture. They had outright abandoning several star systems to us. Evidence suggested that they had been irritated by the Horde….

Chapter 10. Operation Fireball


Two web-way transits from Poorsovt was the biggest strong point in this area of space. The Ristavron system. With two orbital shipyards, dozens of defensive satellites and at least four enemy battleships guarding it. With my fleets current advantage in weaponry I figured that it…

Chapter 7. Damn that’s big.


After a fortnight of searching the ruins of The Cores Rhodesian compound, Patrick Diehl was officially declared dead by the German government. I came back from my vacation to see German bureaucrats waiting for me to unlock his apartment in hangar 47A. He had set…

13 Hours, well worth your time.


When I heard that Michael Bay was making a movie about the attacks on the U.S. Consulate and CIA annex in Benghazi Libya I remember thinking. This movie is going to either be really good or really bad. In either case I knew that it…

Making war in a land of war, or status quo post bellum. Reflections on conflict in Afghanistan.


I have been meaning to write this article for entirely too long. Not just for you, but for me. The conflict in Afghanistan has been something that has been in the background of my life for entirely too much of my existence. Now that there…

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