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Miss Sloane, an overly detailed analysis.


  Last year a movie came out that was either a poorly thought out piece of antigun propaganda or a film that badly misjudged or mistimed the cultural zeitgeist. In either case people just didn’t go see it. From a thirteen million dollar budget it…

A Generation of Sociopaths. Review.


Rather crude cover design wouldn’t you say? A little while ago I wrote an article I am not all that proud of. Essentially it was my grumbling about intergenerational stresses viewed through a stressed prism. It didn’t come out as coherent and logical as I…



I’m going full tin-foil-hat conspiracy theorist today. If that bothers you, please take solace in the fact that some day you’ll be dead, and everyone you ever loved will be dead. All you ever created or care for will wither and die. The Earth will…

A matter of perspective.


Uncorked, Harquist– that bow-tied, blinking gnome–continues in his reedy voice. “For centuries we endeavored to, so to speak, ‘pick the lock’ to our cell. We’re far too advanced for that now. Five thousand tears ago, we didn’t understand the god power–now we do. Our scientists…

Dancing with ghosts


First off let me apologize for my prolonged absence, I have been sick as a dog for the past few weeks. But life appears to have gone on, congratulations to Neema and Jessica Romanowski-Vedadi Now on to the thinky stuff. Mental illness is a touchy…

What are the thoughts you do not dare to think?


Serious question, what are the things that you actively try not to think about? Not because such thoughts don’t interest you, or are too obscure, but because they scare you. If one has a completely voluntarist mindset these thoughts are likely of a highly aggressive…

Forgotten secrets, random ramblings on strange artifacts of statism.


What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us. — Ralph Waldo Emerson. Some of the most interesting conversationalists I have ever met are war veterans. For most of my life they have been around me…

The chilling effect, it’s really all they have left.


The events occurring as a result of the fallout from the Edward Snowden have been most curious and in some cases downright amusing. For the anarchist/libertarian/hacker community the entire event has amounted to a giant instance of, “I told you so.” For everyone else who…

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