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Andreas Antonopoulos Says States Can’t Stop Bitcoin


One of my favorite speakers at the Texas Bitcoin Conference was Andreas Antonopolous.  I didn’t even know he existed until his interview on Freedomain Radio last week where he out-ranted Stefan Molyneux. Here is Mr. Antonopolous’ response to fear of the Feds attacking Bitcoin.

A Gun for Everyone (except the government)


I’ve had the concept for this song and the basic hook in my head for months. A couple of days after the Newtown Massacre I woke up and felt inspired to put this out into the world to respond to the gun controllers. Michael heard…

Get the Freedom Feens Hip-Hop MP3s


By popular demand, here’s where to get the Feens Hop you so richly demand. –Get the Rich Black/DJ Conical/MC Lie-Barry (Silver Stax with Michael and Neema) hit “Obama’s Feet Stink”, on iTunes, HERE. –Get the NeemaV hit “I Own Me” (the song that Michael found…

Making LibPar Happen


On the podcast I’ve mentioned my fantasy for a physical location where people could engage in true free trade sans the state. A true Agora. There are already steps in this direction in specific markets. Gun shows provide a meeting place for private sales, farmers…

Please Tase Me Bro!


For the feens who haven’t seen: Here is me getting Tased by the Riverton Police Department. Watching it has given many of my friends and family great pleasure. Not really sure how to take that. But hey as long as it makes people laugh right?…

Entrepreneurs Will Take Us To Mars


 Overlooking Mars (Escape from Terra, As NASA wastes more stolen money on it’s space shuttle retirement tour billionaire visionary Richard Branson plans a Martian colony. “In my lifetime I’m determined to be part of putting a population on Mars. I think it’s absolutely realistic. It will happen,”…

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