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Vostok watches, a voluntarist analysis and review.


Isn’t capitalism great? I am fully aware that most of what we have in the world now is what one should call crapatalism. An unwieldy mess of subsidies, taxes, tariffs, threats and other acts of violence. But when humans are allowed a little breathing room…

Electronic Frontier Foundation PSA for your podcast or radio show


By Michael W. Dean Co-Host, The Freedom Feens radio show, on Genesis Communications Network Article originally printed in Talkers magazine. The Electronic Frontier Foundation, or EFF, is a non-profit that has taken to the courts to fight the good fight in the digital world since…

“A Five-Dollar Ground Tester Can Save Your Life” – Michael Dean’s latest article on Talkers magazine


A Five-Dollar Ground Tester Can Save Your Life TALKERS | September 24, 2013 By Michael W. Dean Genesis Communications Network Co-Host, The Freedom Feens “Fuzzy” guards the ground tester and protects it from interlopers Live fast, die old of natural causes Improperly grounded outlets can…

Midwest Peace and Liberty Fest


It all started with a couple of people sitting around saying, “We should go camping this summer.” That was in the beginning of the year. Then the idea came about to turn this into a group event. An event was created on Facebook that brought together…

Inexpensive, Wonderful Scissor Mount For Your Microphone


I just purchased this scissor mount microphone stand. It was only 27 bucks on Amazon, HERE. I’m LOVING it! It solves a big problem, mainly that now I don’t have to sit in one place for two hours like with a normal mic stand. If…

Do-Nothing Liberty People, Useful Liberty People, and Leaving Facebook


Here is an MP3 of a fun 15-minute yack I had with Ian and Darryl when calling into Free Talk Live tonight. Topics include why I left Facebook, do-nothing liberty people, The rockin’ joys of New Hampshire vs. the nifty solitude of Wyoming, Ben Stone…

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