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Wyoming Web cams


No, these aren’t porn sites, they’re outdoor cameras broadcasting the wonders of Wyoming. List is taken from a gub’mint website, but of course, the gub’mint website is out of date, and many of their web cam links are 404. So I went through them and…

Talking to Statists


Yes it is painful, but it must be done in order to get the message of individual liberty out. After explaining roads for the hundredth time, it can get tedious. This is especially true when dealing with a new statist that has never been exposed…

Stimulus, Public Works, and Other Waste


An American economist travelled to China to observe a canal project. The Chinese delegation showed him the plans and the model of everything that would be built along this new masterpiece. When they travelled out to the worksite, the economist was aghast at what he…

I Hate Roads!


  Statists are always trying to beat anarchists over the head with their “who would build the roads” “argument”. After spending a summer on government roads across the US and ending up back in a big city I realized just how weak it is. It’s…

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