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The races of A Galaxy Gone Mad.


You can’t have a story about war without an enemy. So let’s start with the primary antagonists of A Galaxy Gone Mad, The Drankmastarain Empire. This evil interplanetary empire is based on an idea that I have had rattling around in my head for awhile….

Chapter 32. Mark 33


As Task Force V returned to the Ristavron system in triumph I was met with some good news. A plan had been worked out to conclude operation Canned Sunshine. The cage around the star would be reconfigured from an energy containment device to an energy…

Chapter 31. Endgame.


In early October 1936 it looked like a large enemy fleet was forming in a remote star system for a major offensive. At first I wanted to scramble my task force to intercept them. Then I realized that they were going to come to us….

Chapter 30. Oh Crap.


After I reported my side of the story I decided that I was going to authorize the IEC to assist the machine intelligence called the Horde and use my influence to get other countries and corporations to help as well. Assistance to the Horde became…

Chapter 29. What would you like to know?


The lost Russian battleship sent to investigate The Horde. Aurora and her missing admiral were back in the picture, this was serious shit. I stood up as quickly as I could and stated that I had to go. My compatriots nodded, they recognized the circumstances….

Chapter 28. The Glory of Light.


With the Sagaglog system secured I started to catch up with task force Alpha on their hunt for Admiral Buchloren. Intelligence on enemy assets was becoming ever more spotty. The clear evidence of crisp high definition color pictures. Radar scans and three dimensional topographical information…

Chapter 27. A World of Mud and Pain.


It took a few days to get word back to Earth that the toxic energy had been neutralized. Once it did Singer ships started filtering into our area of operations. I had personally invited them to the Ristavron system and once I got back I…

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