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Dancing with ghosts


First off let me apologize for my prolonged absence, I have been sick as a dog for the past few weeks. But life appears to have gone on, congratulations to Neema and Jessica Romanowski-Vedadi Now on to the thinky stuff. Mental illness is a touchy…

Guns and Hawgz: The Road To Freedom


If all men are created equal, how are some men fit to rule others yet the others are unfit to rule themselves? And just who determines that fitness? On July 12th people from across the country, that may have never met each other before, came…

Tyranny Never Sleeps… It Only Rests Its Eyes


Imagine being a rancher and having a pack of predators attacking your livestock. These predators pose a grave danger to your livelihood and the safety of your family. You have a few options as to how to deal with this ravenous pack. You can remain…

Mass Shootings, Random Victims, And Domestic Terrorism… Oh My!


The calm of the early morning was broken by the sound of gunfire. As the echo dissipated, the ground was littered with spent shell casings, a pickup truck was adorned with bullet holes, and a 71 year old woman was shot twice in the back….

How Did This Happen?


Many times growing up, I heard the folks older than me say that things were never like this when they were younger. And in typical fashion, my generation is echoing the sentiment that was echoed by the previous generations. I have turned into my father…

WAR!!!! What Is It Good For?


  If you don’t love war… you must hate ‘murica. Friend of the Feens, Ben from Bad Quaker has done a series on the wars in US history. Here is that series all in one spot. You can hear about the lies that spawned these horrible…

Random Thoughts, Unanswered Questions


Does the use of violence and theft become moral if it is called an enumerated power? If private businesses imposed their business contracts on people in the same manner that the social contract is imposed, would supporters of the social contract be outraged? If the congress only has…

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