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How to allow your iPhone to run the beta of the Freedom Feens iPhone app


Worms! (This is directions for IOS9. For 9.3.5 through any version of IOS10, same, except, use  Settings > General > Device Management. The “profile” bit got changed.) 1) Open the URL from the other post on your iPhone Safari Browser 2) Click the Launch button…

Jeremy’s First Feens’ Post – Freedom Feens Radio


(This is a WordPress test, not an actual Feens episode.  If this were a real Feens episode, your BipStrongs would have started vibrating already.) Jeremy and Michael discuss worms, WordPress, and murder dogs.  Michael schools Jeremy on how to WordPress right, and hilarity ensues.  We…

Jeremy’s first Feens post – Freedom Feens radio


Jeremy and Michael talk about worms. blagh blah blayh blah. THIS IS ONLY A WORD PRESS TEST, NOT A REAL EPISODE. The Freedom Feens Android App. A libertarian re-education camp in your pocket! Free! Please rate & review. Freedom Feens Donate links: PayPal: BTC:…

Listen to the Freedom Feens naked!


Feens uber-fan Josh Horowitz posted here that he listens to the Feens naked in the shower, and installed the above speaker to do it. I asked for a pic and the model number. You too can listen to the Feens and start your day by getting…

Free “Guns, Weed and ANARCHY: The Road to Freedom” torrents


Guns, Weed and ANARCHY: The Road to Freedom (Statism-Free shorter director’s cut of “Guns and Weed: The Road to Freedom”) Guns And Weed without the constitution … It’s like Star Wars without Jar Jar Binks! 76- minute 2014 Anarchist cut (better than the 99-minute original!)….

My Path to True Liberty


Hello, everyone, it’s Trevorus. I’ve been a fan of the Feens for about a year now, and I figured it’s about time I get involved in more than a tertiary way. I’ll be contributing to the blog here, and hopefully bringing some witty anarchist rants…

The Heidelberg Tun: Market Distortion


By feen guest blogger David Smith I recently took a trip to Germany with my wife and amongst other cities stayed a couple of days in Heidelberg. It’s got a charming altstadt, or “old city” where modern stores and conveniences have moved in but the…

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