The Feens’ last-ever episode, explaining why MWD shuttered the show after 7 happy years.










Episode 1311.

It’s a very good solo MWD show, explaining why the Feens quit while thing were good, after an almost 8-year run.

I’m putting this up as a post so it will be in the RSS feed. But also as a page, so it will be easy to find from the links at the top.


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3 thoughts on “The Feens’ last-ever episode, explaining why MWD shuttered the show after 7 happy years.

  1. Awesome episode. +1 (A debate/discussion with Kokesh or Molyneux would still be fun, although I think you would all be mostly in agreement.)

      1. That second video didn’t age so well – the first one did, like wine. It’s still just as relevant and accurate to his message as ever. (The second was obviously an unbalanced hitpiece, where you just accepted everything Colleen was saying at face value without asking any obvious critical questions – like what her grievance was. I don’t see how she was a victim in any way. Like you yourself said at 33:58 in the second vid “I’m all for leaving bad people” – so obviously the question is whether or not her parents were bad people. If they want her jailed, you can rationally make the case that they are. But again, we have no idea what happened or wtf her problem was :p. But it is well known and accepted that Molyneux can be a douchebag – he bans too many people (I’m banned from his forums/youtube/etc) – he’s terrible on the topic of sexuality/kink (especially early sexuality), you exposed this very well in the first video, and I’m sure he never did any real followups on the topic.)

        And what’s the matter with Kokesh? I thought he was a sweetheart. I vaguely remember one of his exes being bitter about their breakup, but surely you can’t judge the man based on the ex’s side of a breakup story? :p

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