BipTunia’s 44th album, “DEREALIZATION” – listen free

“Derealization is an alteration in the perception or experience of the external world so that it seems unreal.”1

Release date: May 8, 2020
Run time: 79 minutes.

Lyric sheet and liner notes (PDF)

2. 20,000 Cats
3. Alternative Hypothesis Concerning Panspermia
4. Harvester of Adrenochrome
5. Abiogenesis and Subspace
6. As the God Mercury Waits to Welcome Me Home
7. The Hippocampus with a Long Lens Trained on the Amygdala
8. The Shortest River in the World
9. Zesty Wonders of the Microverse
10. Udder Rock

All music by Michael W. Dean.

Voice and words on “As the God Mercury Waits to Welcome Me Home” by Chandler St. Pierre.

Words on “BDSMQRSTUV” and “Abiogenesis and Subspace” from the Wikipedia article on BDSM.

Voice on “BDSMQRSTUV” and “Abiogenesis and Subspace” by Dollie Llama (Debra Dean) from the audio file of the reading of the Wikipedia article on BDSM. (Originally recorded in 2007 by ThornDaddy, a.k.a. Michael W. Dean.)

Cover photo of Beast the Wonder Cat watching birds out the window by Michael W. Dean. Dollie Llama helped with the album design.

There are no microtonal songs on this album.

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